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The importance of domain name in business!

According to Author Echo Huang Yinyin, on one of his recent articles on "Premium Domain Name Investment", he said that: "You want a domain thatís simple to read, simple to say, and simple to remember. It also helps if itís easy to type. Itís one of the core values of marketing to be memorable, and simplicity is usually best. If you can find a url that's in these criteria, then youíre well on track to establishing a business name that consumers want to hear and say."

In 2015, an internet security company in China, spent 110 million yuan ($17 million) to purchase ď,Ē by far the highest price paid for a domain name so far. A recent auction in Shenzhen showed how branded .TLD names are hot in the market. On Dec. 19thís ďDomain Day of China,Ē the first-ever Chinese Domain Festival and China Digital Asset Investment Summit, a crowd of over 200 Chinese investors spent 154.49 million yuan ($24.1 million) to purchase hot domain names.

Past sold domain records and why!

Microsoft bought for $24,600, sold for $200,000, sold for $1,500,000, sold for $205,000, sold for $350,000, sold for $2,430,000 in 2014, etc. These are real numbers!!! In the past, bunch of other TLDs have sold for thousands, if not millions of dollars! thousands, if not millions of dollars!

Why are domains selling for that much? It's simple!!! Just as, they are easier to type by desktop and mobile users, they are generally easier for word-of-mouth, they are human readable, they are easier to brand, they reduces potential for typos, they convey more authority and trust.

How can brand your business!!! is compatible to brand many kinds of product including: computer softwares, phone applications, files, games, movie, tv shows, services, name of a business, margazine, dating website, social media, N.G.O, self-help, news website, e-commerce, manufacturing, transportation, clothing, toys, baby's stuff, and the list goes on forever.

Google, Youtube, Facebook, Baidu, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Twitter, Taobao, Linkedin, tumblr, Github, Weibo, Reddit, diply, Naver, Onclickads etc. are among the first 100 most highly rank websites in the world with millions of dollars in annual profits. Looking just at their names, many people never believed from day one any of these names could brand anything, except for their investors, but the names did so well and transformed their investors to millionaires and billionaires.

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